[iOS프로그래밍] Loaded “xxx” nib but the view outlet was not set 해결방법

iOS/아이폰 프로그래밍 2012.05.11 15:54

역시 웬만한 디버깅 자료는 (Xcode) 외국자료가 대부분... 애초에 한국어 웹엔 기대를......안하는게 좋겠다 싶다. 

Xib 로 기존에 같이 생성되지 않고 ~ipad 용을 따로 만들다가 생긴 에러처리 file owner 이외 view e도 추가. 

I have been playing with Xcode and Interface Builder by doing assignments from the iPhone App Development Course from Stanford.

I had an error on one of the assignments and eventually figured it out, here’s the step by step instructions with snapshots.


The error: "loaded the XXX nib but the view outlet was not set."

  • Open the .xib file that is causing the problem in Interface Builder.
  • Check that the File’s Owner class is the correct ViewController.
  • In the inspector window (right sidebar) click on the tab with the blue circle and arrow in it.
  • You will see a table with Outlets. Click on the circle of VIEW and drag it to theVIEW icon.
Changing the view controller

Afterwords it should be set to view VIEW

  • Save everything in Interface Builder, and you should be good.

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